Dr. Arruda is back

Dr. Arruda is back

Dr Horacio Arruda

The former national director of public health of Quebec, Horacio Arruda, is back at the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS).

It’s Marjorie Larouche, head of media relations at the MSSS, who confirmed the news to Métro. “Dr. Arruda is back. He remains in office as assistant deputy minister,” she said in an email. The daily La Presse first published the news on Wednesday morning.

Dr. Arruda left his post as director of public health on January 10, after twelve years in office. It was the criticisms leveled at him that led him to resign.

“The recent remarks made on the credibility of our opinions and on our scientific rigor undoubtedly cause a certain erosion of the support of the population. In such a context, I consider it appropriate to offer you the possibility of replacing me before the expiry of the term of my mandate, at least as national director of public health”, he had mentioned in the letter of resignation that he had sent to François Legault.

He also said he was willing to continue to “serve fellow citizens as a public health actor”, but “in a different role”.

A different mandate, still in public health

François Legault and Christian Dubé, Minister of Health, had assured that Dr Arruda would still remain in public health. “The role of Horacio Arruda is to be defined. But the first thing we owe him is a few weeks of vacation,” said Minister Dubé when announcing his departure.

As assistant deputy minister, “he continues to support the department in various files and special mandates in the areas of prevention, promotion, planning and protection in public health,” said Ms. Larouche.

After accepting the resignation of Dr. Arruda, François Legault appointed Dr. Luc Boileau, until then CEO of the National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services, as his interim successor.

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