Drag queens: the new fight of François Amalega

The drag queens: the new fight of François Amalega

François Amalega Bitondo during a demonstration in front of the Palais de Justice in Montreal.

Same person, new fight. After ardently opposing sanitary measures during the pandemic – at the cost of several court appearances – the former antivax protester François Amalega is now setting his sights on a new target: drag queens.

In a tweet, the man directly attacks these people from the LGBTQ + community, postulating that their place is exclusively in establishments 18 years and over. Its publication is accompanied by a poster titled “unacceptable”, showing a group of Drag Queens interacting with a child.

“We must not normalize pedophilia and confusion,” writes François Amalega, on Twitter.

The poster is crossed out with a red prohibition sign and invites a protest rally against the Drag Queens on April 2 in Montreal.

“Drag Queens have no place in our schools. Their place is in establishments 18 years and over. Let’s oppose!”, can we read.

Recall that François Amalega was recognized as one of leaders of the anti-vaccine movement. The latter has multiplied the offenses during the pandemic and would have accumulated more than $ 40,000 in tickets. The activist spent more than 90 days in prison. An order prohibiting him from approaching within 300 meters of Prime Minister François Legault had been issued.

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