Due to discomfort, Valérie Plante is absent from a press conference

Because of an illness, Valérie Plante is absent from a press conference

Valérie Plante

Victim of an illness, the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante , had to be absent from a press conference on Tuesday noon. However, she does not need to be hospitalized.

Valérie Plante was at the Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal for the 2nd edition of the Montreal Climate Summit. In the morning, she gave a speech there during which she made several announcements, but she could not return to the journalists for the press conference.

It’s her press officer, Marikym Gaudreault, who announced to the media that Ms. Plante had suffered from an illness. Ms. Gaudreault did not give any other details, other than that the mayor’s condition does not require hospitalization.

More details will follow.

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