Duhaime promises tax credit for athletes

Duhaime promises a tax credit for athletes

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec made an announcement on Wednesday concerning gyms… in a gym.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, presented an announcement that he described as “beefy” during a press conference in a gym in Quebec City on Wednesday. The Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) promises a tax credit of $500, “especially for subscriptions, for example, to a gym or a sports team”.

According to him, “it should not be seen as an expense, but rather as an investment and even a saving for the government”. Without this being the main objective, this announcement, “on the financial aspect, would still have something beneficial”.

For the exact operation of this measure, the PCQ would be inspired by a measure put in place by the Conservative Party of Canada, when Stephen Harper was in power. Simply, a receipt proving the purchase of a gym membership could be attached to the tax return. He assures that “training could be eligible, registrations for sports teams could be eligible.

Duhaime promises a tax credit for athletes

He asserts that this tax credit would not “cost the state”, that on the contrary, “it would benefit the state” and that in the end it would be an investment in people’s health. The PCQ will not make an estimate of how much “will bring in” this measure and judges that we will see the effects in five to ten years.

The financial framework that the Conservative Party will soon present will not detail fallout from this measure since it will only focus on the term beginning following the September 3 election.

“A Conservative government wants to send all possible signals to get Quebec moving”

Éric Duhaime, Leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec.

Éric Duhaime clearly has athletes in his sights: he associates himself with professional athletes during press briefings and promotional videos.

On Wednesday, he made his announcement in the company of the various candidates presenting themselves in the national capital as well as Éric Martel-Bahoeli, retired from professional boxing. Two weeks ago, the leader of the PCQ presented some health-related measures with Canadian football player Arnaud Gascon-Nadon, whom he took care to recall during his press briefing in Quebec City on Wednesday.< /p>

The Conservative Party wants, among other things, to offer 30 more minutes a day of physical education for “children from kindergarten to the end of secondary school”. Under a Conservative government, the opening hours for sports facilities would also be extended and doctors could give prescriptions to their patient recommending a certain amount of time for physical activity.

In addition to a “massive investment in sports infrastructure”, he promised to remove the QST on all expenses related to physical activity.

During the question period, he assured journalists and the public that it recognizes the result of the last American elections and that it will recognize the result of the provincial elections.

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