Dumped by Netflix? Here are the options to re-register

Dropped ; by Netflix? Here are the options to re-subscribe

Are you one of those who lost your access to Netflix? As the streaming giant makes changes to its price list, Métro helps you see more clearly among the subscriptions on offer.

For a monthly fee ranging from $5.99 to $20.99, Canadian Netflix users can choose from three different packages in 2023: a basic package with advertising, standard or premium. There is always a way to share your account, provided you pay a few extra dollars. Simplified guide.

Essential Package

The most minimalist of the subscriptions offered by the platform costs $5.99 per month.

  • It allows to consume content in HD quality (720p resolution), only on one screen at a time.
  • Please note that some films and series are not available with this basic plan, due to licensing restrictions. Not possible, for example, to follow the adventures of Thomas Michael Shelby from the series Peaky Blinders, or to launch an episode of House of Cards.
  • < li>Content download for offline viewing is unavailable.

  • Cannot add an additional member (yes, even by paying).

Standard Package

You have to forego $16.49 per month to subscribe to the standard Netflix package.

  • This one, unlike the two least expensive options , offers the ability to consume content in Full HD (1080p resolution), on two screens at once.
  • The download to two devices is included.
  • It is possible to add one only one additional member who does not reside in the same household to this subscription for $7.99 per month ( see the “No more free account sharing” box below). “Additional members have their own account and password, but their subscription is included in that of the person who invited them to share a Netflix account,” explains the platform.

Premium plan

The premium plan, which is the streaming service’s most complete offer, is paid for $20.99 per month.

  • It provides access to viewing on four screens at a time, content in ultra HD (4K+HDR) and download to up to six devices at once.
  • The premium plan includes access to the Netflix Spatial Sound feature which provides “an immersive cinematic sound experience”.
  • Note that it is possible to add two additional members (no more) to this subscription for $7.99 per month and per member.

No more free account sharing

Netflix announced at the end of 2022 that it would no longer be possible to share the same account for free between people who do not live under the same roof. Canadian Netflix users had until February 21 to declare their primary address, which will be used to close access to their account from any other address.

“A Netflix account is intended to be shared within a single household (i.e. by people who live in the same place as the account holder). People who are not part of your household will have to register for their own account if they want to watch Netflix”, can we read on the site of the platform.

So now you have to add an additional member to an existing standard or premium plan, paying 7 $.99 per member, to be able to continue sharing a subscription.

The “Plans and Pricing” section of the Netflix Canada site also mentions the existence of a “basic” plan at $9.99 which would allow you to’ access the platform's catalog of films and series without restriction, without advertising and with download on a single screen. However, it is not available on the registration page of the same site. The only option to subscribe seems to be to call customer service at 1-844-640-3067.

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