'Dune' and 'The Power of the Dog' top Oscar nominations

«Dune” and “The Power of the Dog” top Oscar nominations

Denis Villeneuve's “Dune” is nominated ten times for the 2022 Oscars Jane Campion's

The Power of the Dog and Denis Villeneuve's Dune garnered 12 and 10 Oscar nominations, respectively. These are the films most cited by the Academy this year.

Produced by Quebecer Roger Frappier, The Power of the Dogcould notably win the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Direction and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Benedict Cumberbatch is also nominated for the Best Actor Statuette. As for secondary roles, Kristen Dunst competes for the best female interpretation in a supporting role, while Jesse Plemmons and Kodi Smit-McPhee for the best male interpretation in a supporting role.

“It is a huge honor for me to find myself among the Oscar nominees in the category of best picture along with the other producers and I congratulate Jane for the exceptional achievement which is also recognized in the category of direction as well as all the craftsmen who accompany us in this magnificent adventure. Regardless of the end result, it's already a fantastic reward,” said Roger Frappier in a press release.

The Power of the Dogis also nominated for best cinematography, best original music, best editing and best sound. story. She becomes the first woman to earn two Oscar nominations for Best Director, 28 years after The Piano.

Dune, on the way to the technical Oscars

The Duneby Denis Villeneuve is cited in the categories of best film and best adapted screenplay. If the actors did not receive any nominations, the feature film stands out especially in the so-called “technical” sections.

Dune has stood out thanks to its direction of photography, its visual effects, its editing, its sound, its original music, its sets, its costumes, as well as its make-up and hairstyles.

Finally, let's remember that the short fiction films Frimas by Marianne Farley and Les grandes slaps by Annie St-Pierre do not have, for their part, , not selected.

Affairs of the Art, a co-production of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), is however nominated for Best Animated Short . This one was directed by Joanna Quinn and Les Mills.

The Oscar winners will be announced on Sunday, March 27 at a 94th annual ceremony to be held from Los Angeles.

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