Eat the Christmas tree, miiiam!

Eating Christmas tree , miiiam!

Once the festivities are over, instead of throwing your tree in the garbage, you can & nbsp; & nbsp; eat it! & nbsp; Yes, give it a second & nbsp; life while tasting it , to the delight of your taste buds. & nbsp;

It is well known that fir sprouts are a ubiquitous ingredient in boreal cuisine, but rare are those who venture to cook fir needles. And yet! & Nbsp;

“You can make a lot of recipes using needles. You can chop them up and use them as an aromatic herb, much like you do with rosemary. We can grind them to a powder, which we will add to a cake maker, which we will mix with sugar to make a & nbsp; rim & nbsp; cocktail, or even sprinkle it on a beef tartare, & nbsp; explains Ariane Paré-Le Gal, co-owner of Gourmet Sauvage and author of the book & nbsp; Forêt . & nbsp; ;

“We can use it as an infusion, to make a herbal tea, syrup, juice or jelly, but also in an infusion of cream or milk, from which we will make a dessert, like a panna cotta, “she adds, confirming that there is a world of possibilities. & nbsp;

Pro tip
Cut a few branches of your fir tree when you install it, to have fresh needles, still full of essential oil. & Nbsp; In January, the dry needles are much less fragrant and tasty.

< h2 id = "h-my-beautiful-fir-king-of-gourmets"> My beautiful-tree, & nbsp; king of gourmets! & nbsp;

A simple search on the Web is enough to discover 1001 Christmas tree-based recipes. For example: & nbsp;

  • Fir and ginger ice cream & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • Fir burger & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • Fir herbal tea & nbsp; & nbsp;
  • Fir meringue & nbsp;

“Like cardamom, which is also good in a chai latte that a stew or dessert, the fir, when used sparingly, can slip into any recipe. In Nordic cuisine, there is the notion of the pleasure of experimenting and breaking out of our reflexes in the kitchen “, specifies Ariane Paré-Le Gal, inviting people to” play “with this little-known spice. & Nbsp; ;

In addition, fir needles contain vitamin C and antioxidants, which are great allies for the immune system in the middle of winter. & nbsp;

U n not at a time … & nbsp;

Obviously, consuming the Christmas tree will not save the planet, but it allows us to think about the different ways to reuse, recycle, recover… In short, to make lasting changes for the future of our planet. & nbsp;

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