Edith Butler: Le Festif rocker at 80

Édith Butler: Le Festif rocker at 80

The Festif de Baie-Saint-Paul officially begins on Thursday. It is the Acadian singer Édith Butler who starts the ball rolling with a show that she promises to be “very festive”, she who is taking part in the event for the first time… at the age of 80. 

The octogenarian New Brunswicker has already rocked a few stages this summer, notably those of the Francos de Montréal, and her audience can confirm it: form and rock are very present.  

Edith Butler is extremely proud to be this year's oldest member of the Festival. But she doesn't feel any older than the others.   

“For me, I am the same age as my musicians and the public. It is in the eyes of others that I am different. » 

Her happiness to play in Baie-Saint-Paul is all the greater because it is the first place where she performed in Quebec… towards the end of the 1960s. She is ready to party like in the old days. 

La touche LeBlanc 

Edith Butler's latest album, < em>The Big Wood Tour, released in 2021, which she performs entirely live, was produced by a well-known musician, also from New Brunswick, who knows how to move crowds: Lisa LeBlanc. 

For the little one story, the set of the show Les échangistes, in 2018, welcomed the interpreter of Today my life is shit and she could invite the artist of her choice to sing with her. She opted for Edith Butler, whom she has known personally since she was 16. Together, they made a hit, with the song Ti-gars. The next day, lots of people were calling, asking for a collaborative album, which hadn't existed until then. A few months later, Lisa called Édith back with an idea firmly in her head: they were to make an album together. discussions and voice recordings and the studio where she worked on the arrangements with her musicians. 

“She's stern, Lisa. She made me start over. She went looking for something inside me, a hoarser voice, the old rocker who lives in me, ”says Edith Butler, in an interview with Métro.  

The result was an album with a fairly rock'n'roll energy, able to reach several generations, which translates in the same way into a show. 

The age n is just a number

On stage, around her, evolve musicians whom the singer describes as “the best in the world” and who are all of the age to be her grandchildren.  

But what is the secret to maintaining such energy after such a long career? 

“I've taken care of myself all my life. Since I was 20 years old, I have been living a healthy and zen life. I have lived in the woods in communion with nature for 22 years. It kept me physically fit being in the woods; I work it, I build my house. »

On stage, in addition to singing, Edith talks a lot with her audience. She does it in a light and funny way, without dramatizing anything, but passing on her messages, “so that people have something in mind, in addition to the music, when they return home”. 

< p>One of his messages: do not cut “old people” from society.  

 “I learned that I was old during COVID-19. I didn't know that before! I really feel like we've been left out. I want to be allowed to get on with our lives. We are part of society. We still have plenty to say. Just because you're 80 doesn't mean you've lost your mind,” she testifies.  

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