Eggsquis restaurants are hiring in a funny way

Eggsquis restaurants are recruiting in a funny way

The current labor shortage is affecting a large number of restaurateurs. Customers are asked to be patient and we are looking to fill vacancies. Eggsquis restaurants have found an ingenious way to do both at the same time.

Basically, with a good touch of humor, the restaurant invites customers who do not have the patience to wait for their table or his two eggs turned to join his team to speed up the process.

“We are currently working with a reduced staff. Thank you for your patience, do not hesitate to submit your application for one of the available positions”, could we read at the entrance of one of the restaurants of the chain.

The message caused reactions on social networks.

Several appreciated the boldness: “I like a message like this that tells me that management has a sense of humor and who doesn’t need it? And smiling is free and not taxable!”

Others a little less: “I find it totally aggressive and condescending.”

Finally, as one Internet user: “The greatest success stories are those of people who, having recognized a problem, turned it into an opportunity”!

La Cage restaurants have also shown originality in recruiting staff recently. They had announced at the same time that they were short of more than 500 employees.

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