Election frenzy in Sherbrooke

Election frenzy in Sherbrooke

King Hall was packed Tuesday night on election night.

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Mireille Vachon La Tribune Whether seated comfortably in front of their television or grouped together with friends in different bars in the region, many Sherbrooke residents had their eyes riveted in front of a screen on Tuesday evening during the American elections. According to the testimonies collected by La Tribune , a preference for the democratic party seems to be emerging in Sherbrooke.

By the way from La Tribune to the King Hall bar in the early evening, the place was already crowded. “We have a lot of employees who study politics, and as a rule, we are people who like to follow that. These are also debates that we have with customers, ”explains Maxime Pothier, manager of King Hall, where election evenings have been taking place for about six years.

“I want it more to heart this year, because four years ago, one could not foresee how bad the election of Trump would be. Now we have realized the absurdity of the matter. It's worrying, ”said a client, who wished to remain anonymous.

“It's really hard to say who will win. Regardless of the result, there will probably be riots immediately after, ”believes Esther Carle-Pruneau, who was accompanied by her friend Audrey Sigouin.

“There is no ideal choice,” said Ms. Sigouin. “Once there, people vote for the least. I admit that I'm still scared, because no matter what will happen, it will probably turn out badly, ”she regrets.

As for the manager Maxime Pothier, he finds that “it would end well the year that [Donald] Trump leaves the White House”.

Election frenzy in Sherbrooke

King Hall manager Maxime Pothier hopes to see the Democrats win the US election. “It would end well the year that Trump leaves the White House,” he said. Photo La Tribune, Frédéric Côté

The victory is not won, however, he believes. “For having been to the more remote northern states of the United States myself, it may well be that Trump wins again. Here, we speak as Quebeckers who are a little left-wing, who have a good health system, but over there, they do not have the same reality or the same mentality as us, ”adds Mr. Pothier, who does not. would have “not at all” liked to be in the place of the Americans.

“I expect all eventualities. If Trump wins, I won't stop living for it, but I wish the United States – and the whole world in fact – that it doesn't, ”concludes Maxime Pothier.

Many Sherbrooke residents followed the elections from the comfort of their homes. This is the case of Ian Savard, a communication student, who also agrees with the King Hall clientele. “I've been following American politics since Obama versus Romney, and I'm very excited to see how it's going to end tonight!” I have never wanted a politician to be beaten as much as Trump tonight, ”said the young man, who had nevertheless taken for the Republican party for several years.

On social networks, some hope “a ray of hope in 2020 with the return of the Democrats”, while others pray that the result will come out quickly, otherwise “the reactions of people across the country could degenerate.” We can also read “that in these uncertain times, economic security could surpass logical voting.”

As of this writing, the fight was close, and it was still difficult to predict who will win the election – Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

Election frenzy in Sherbrooke

Several Sherbrooke residents have opted for a quiet evening in front of their computer to watch the progress of the 2020 American elections. La Tribune, Frédéric Côté

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