Elections Quebec in seduction mode

ÉQuebec elections in seduction mode ;duction

Élections Québec launches its awareness campaign to reverse the downward trend in the rate of participation in elections. To attract young people, the institution will use the popular TikTok platform.

Named “October 3, we reverse the trend. Everyone votes.” This campaign will be deployed on television screens and on the radio. Advertising posters will also be deployed throughout Quebec.

Advertising versions will be broadcast during the election period, with the aim of drawing the attention of non-voters and non-voters to the upcoming elections, and encouraging them to vote.

< p>Statistics show that people between 18 and 44 are more likely to abstain. Élections Québec is therefore also launching on the TikTok and Instagram platform in an attempt to also reach the younger generation present on this social network.

The campaign will focus primarily on humor.

Élections Québec in seduction mode

Élections Québec communication campaign

And also takes the gamble of presenting the worst excuses for not going to vote rather than good reasons to go to the polls…

Since the 2012 general election, the rate of Turnout is steadily declining, from 74.6% in 2012 to 66.45% in the last election in 2018.

The three ridings in Montreal with the lowest turnout are Bourassa Sauvé (52 .44%), Westmount (48.47%) and D'arcy Mcgee (46.56%). Conversely, those with the highest participation rate are Gouin (69.62%), Rosemont (69.4%) and Maurice Richard (68.63%).

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