Electric shock between Hydro-Québec and Montreal

Electric shock between Hydro-Québec and Montreal

The head office of Hydro-Québec.

Hydro-Québec warns the metropolis: switching too quickly from gas to electric heating would prevent the state company from meeting demand. However, the Commission on Water, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Large Parks of the City of Montreal wants to ban natural gas except during peak periods.

The use of natural gas and electricity – bi-energy – is usually made up of 30% non-renewable energy. The Commission would like, in addition to limiting its use to peak periods, to reduce this energy supply to 15%.

“Without dual energy, it doesn't work for us,” explained Maxence Huard-Lefebvre, spokesperson for Hydro-Québec, to Radio-Canada. The state-owned company says it won't be able to keep up with demand, especially during the winter peak, with its current infrastructure.

To add to this pressure on the network, the Commission, in addition to the cities of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Otterburn Park, Petit-Saguenay, Prévost and Saint-Cuthbert recommend banning gas heating in new constructions.

This Commission recommendation is part of the City's plan to make Montreal buildings carbon neutral by 2040.

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