Electronic bracelets to limit domestic violence

Bracelets & oacute ; electronics to limit domestic violence

The Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault.

Quebec will be the first province in Canada where anti-reunification bracelets, also called electronic bracelets, will be imposed on alleged attackers in the context of domestic violence. These devices will be imposed on individuals under investigation with a view to potential release or awaiting a guilty verdict.

“We are putting Quebec in the vanguard, we will be pioneers on a global scale”, rejoices the Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault, announcing an investment of $ 41 million in five years.

This technology, used in six countries around the world such as France, Spain and Portugal, increases the feeling of well-being and security of victims in addition to ensuring that the conditions of release are respected. Two researchers from the University of Montreal, Jean-Pierre Guay and Francis Fortin, analyzed the potential implantation based on international studies on the subject and by probing local organizations.

Geolocate the suspects

Concretely, the systems will make it possible to geolocate the perpetrators of violent acts as soon as they approach their victim. Thus, as soon as a reconciliation with the victim is detected, the police can intervene quickly. This will carry a GPS plotter box, which will be connected to a call center.

“One thing that is priceless is peace of mind for victims of domestic violence.” They almost forever lose their peace when they are caught in a cycle of violence, ”explains Minister Guilbault.

The first bracelet will be used in spring 2022 in Quebec City. It is expected that its implementation will be completed over the next two years across the province. Ultimately, some 500 electronic bracelets will be used. Of course, victims will have to consent to the use of the device.

Act sooner than later

The use of anti-reconciliation bracelets is a recommendation of the report Rebuilding Confidence on domestic violence and sexual assault, tabled in 2020. Since being elected, the CAQ has invested $ 460 million to fight domestic violence.

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