Éléonore Lagacé replaces Claudia Bouvette at “Zénith”

Éléonore Lagacé replaces Claudia Bouvette at “Zénith” /></p>
<p> Éléonore Lagacé takes up the torch from Claudia Bouvette as captain of the generation Z team at the musical variety “Zénith”, whose second season will begin in January on ICI Télé. </p>
<p>It is the winner of the first season of the musical variety <em>Zénith</em>, Éléonore Lagacé, who will be the new captain of generation Z. She replaces the author-composer- performer Claudia Bouvette, who had to give up the adventure due to “schedule conflicts with other commitments”, announces Radio-Canada by press release. </p>
<p>The actress seen this summer in the musical show <em>Hair</em>joins the standard-bearers of other generations, Félix-Antoine Tremblay (Y), Élyse Marquis (X) and Normand Brathwaite (Boomers).</p>
<p>“ I am so excited at the ;idea to relive the competition, but this time as a spectator, says Éléonore Lagacé. One thing is certain, future candidates: JE. YOU. <em>FEEL</em>!!! You will all be exceptional! Thank you to my dear sister Claudia Bouvette for passing the torch to me as captain of Generation Z. I will do your best to honor you! »</p>
<p>The 20 artists who will try to seduce all generations with their performances during the second edition of <em>Zénith</em><strong><em> </em> </strong>will be unveiled in the fall.</p>
<p>As for the recruitment of the 100 people from the public who will take their places in the stands in the studio, information surrounding the process will be communicated shortly, indicates the broadcaster .</p>
<p>The show <em>Zénith</em>, hosted by Véronique Cloutier, will be back on ICI Télé in January. </p>

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