Emerging comedian, P-O Forget believes he is dreaming

Emerging comedian, P-O Forget thinks to dream

P-O Forget multiplies the appearances on stage

Now 30, P-O Forget graduated from the School of Humor in 2019. Even before he graduated, he was already opening for shows for Yannick De Martino, a comedian who was also his first roommate when he arrived in Montreal, he who is originally from Quebec. The pair even wrote an entire show together, called Symbiose, which is performed on occasion. P-O Forget is nervous: this is his first face-to-face interview with a journalist.  

“It's weird to talk about me like that in an interview”, admits the one who can be seen almost every evening in the various comedy evenings in the metropolis, who can be followed on TikTok to see his hilarious videos , who we were able to discover on the Noovo show The next stand-up and who is about to capture his show My best hour, which he presented throughout the year on different occasions. 

Don't feed the ego 

It's that even if P-O Forget multiplies the appearances on stage, unlike many comedians, he never talks about himself, even in his humorous texts.  

“I don't find it interesting. If I talk about it, I try to have a universal “I” that is not connected to my ego. I use myself to talk about things that can reach everyone. I have no anecdotes about my life and if I had, it would be to talk about other things in the subtext. » 

Himself active on social networks where he shares his work, the comedian finds it easy to fall into narcissism with the Internet. 

“The criterion I use to distinguish the kind of content creator on the Internet: is what you publish going to serve your ego or is it going to be about things outside of you? » 

He laughs saying that if he becomes a megalomaniac monster, it will be the fault of the newspaper Métro which asked him to do an interview to talk about him . 


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Humour in chaos 

It is rather in the madness of the world that his jokes are born. Watching interactions on Twitter is a great way for him to think of jokes.  

“I discovered Twitter during the pandemic. What a bastard! I find it crazy. In the same news feed, you have really good background journalism and right below the people who say the Earth is flat. » 

P-O Forget

All the polarization found there is also a good source of inspiration for him.  

“The world is so tense. It's a culture war. Everything invites you to choose a camp in a drastic way. I don't like chaos, but I find it stimulating to watch. » 

In his eyes, people who intensely inhabit their positions are funny, especially when “it's cellar positions.” For example, he finds that Quebec's garbage radio gives “a good show, even if it's very stupid”.


Today's entrepreneurs have crazy stories #fyp #pourtoi #humour #quebec #montreal


Bright future 

P-O Forget discovered his passion for comedy in 2014, while on a plane to Mexico, he came across a performance by American comedian Louis C.K. that “thrown him to the ground”. During the two weeks that followed, he thought only of flying back to Quebec to be able to listen to the show again. Soon after, he quit his job in advertising to focus on one thing: writing jokes. 

“All I do is think of jokes, write jokes , tell jokes. A real nerd life. I have no other ambition,” he laughs.

Now, every time he sells tickets to his show, he can't believe people are paying to see him tell gags. “I feel like I'm ripping them off,”, he laughs. 

“I can't believe I can make shows. I always have the impression that it's the last and that, the next day, I'm going to have to go and carry CVs, ”continues the humorist, filled with gratitude.  

However, business is going well for P-O, who has just signed a contract with the production company Encore, notably behind the shows of Martin Matte and Arnaud Soly.  

“They want to invest so that I create possibly a new show I could go on tour with. It's a dream for me. I would also like to do chronicles on TV or play in different projects. » 

While waiting to see him on tour in the biggest venues in the province, we can catch his show on January 19 at the Lion d'Or and follow him on his various social media platforms where he broadcasts his humorous videos.  

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