End of the 28 Day Alcohol Free Challenge: 10 winning testimonials

End of the 28 Days Without Alcohol Challenge: 10 winning testimonials

More than 13,000 people participated in the 28 Days Without Alcohol Challenge this year.

Staying sober for 28 days is said to be life changing. As February has just ended, we went to check on the Facebook group “La gang du Défi 28 jours” with those who took up the challenge. Here are their best testimonials! 

“Last day of the challenge. Tomorrow is the first day of a quest to love me. This challenge shook me up and shook me so hard that it woke up my true nature. But it is still sleepy. She is a bit lazy. She's been sleeping too long. I make a promise to myself to welcome and support him.” 

“I discovered that alcohol for me is a bad habit. I changed the red wine for water and I feel better. With the savings, I'm going to treat myself to little luxuries that feel good!” 

“[This] booze break for me meant complete wellness. Both in my body [and on a] psychic level. I go to bed earlier and by the same token, get up early, but with the difference that I am on fire in the morning! I sleep well without waking up every two hours, I get up serene and in good shape. I no longer have morning sickness. I'm hungry and eating much better. I started working out rather than drinking a beer or a glass of wine. Before the challenge, I was drinking about six drinks a day. My mornings were rough, hazy, and I always felt sluggish, and most of the time with a bad headache. It goes without saying that my complexion and my skin look better too. I'm not bloated anymore! Only the best, what! Also, I'm very proud of myself because I didn't think I could do it since drinking had been part of my ritual for over thirty years! I'm so happy that I won't start this annoying and harmful way of life again! Thank you 28 Day Challenge! Gratitude forever!” 

“For my part, my consumption is only social. I never drink at home alone. I also don't drink when I have my son with me [shared custody]. So ultimately, I only drink a few times a month. But beware, these are memorable times! I go to bars to meet friends and drink way too much. Wine, drinks, shooters, lots of shooters! Then I spend the weekend completely destroyed on my couch. By doing the challenge, I lost the urge to go to the bar.” 

“Personally, this is the third year for me and every year I realize that alcohol does not necessarily mean fun. This year I had more occasions, dinners, a wedding, and I still succeeded and had fun. My most difficult evening was a very emotional evening. It’s really where I understood where my fragility was when it comes to alcohol… emotions.” 

“I have been thinking about reducing my consumption for a very long time, for a long time like a few years. It was a long process I would say! I decided to do the 28 Days Without Alcohol challenge, but to start it on January 22. What a wonderful surprise! I feel so much better, more energetic, […] I have resumed training, I sleep better, and I am still smiling, if not more! What a priceless gift I gave myself! So much that I will continue again and again. I know it will be one day at a time, but for now I know I want to stay sober for the rest of my life!” 

“For me it was a dream come true… I was tired [of drinking] and not able to stop. The work in the morning was painful, my sleep too. I always wanted it. I hated myself. The little voice in my head would come on Wednesdays and the more it went, the more I wanted. I had a second personality. After a few drinks the second arrived: not very nice, well pitiful… and quite alone in her head blurring the darkness. […] I never want to be that person again. Today [after] 54 days, the worst is over. I go to the gym, I dance, I'm fit, I'm myself, I'm real, I'm proud so I won't touch those booze again, thank you.” 

 “My resting heart rate reached 52 bpm this morning! Wow, I'm on fire! Do you see this nice downward curve since the beginning of the month? Coincidence? I do not think so! »

“Tonight I was invited to a friend's house and I brought my non-alcoholic gin and tonic. I was able to resist the aperitif while delicious hors d'oeuvres were served and my friends drank a good white. Then came the main dish: an osso-buco. Nam Nam. Everything was washed down with a good Burgundy. Again, I resisted, but with pain and misery. Not easy, but I won. I'm pretty proud of myself.” 

“I passed the challenge and I'm going to repeat it in November, 2 months a year it won't be too much. I will reduce my consumption intelligently in the future. We feel so good.” 

The 28-Day Challenge in numbers 

  • 13,235 people participated in the challenge this year across Quebec 
  • $958,000 of donations were collected by the Jean Lapointe Foundation, which does prevention work with young people  
  • In Montreal alone, the challenge raised $148,488< /strong> for a total of 1,934 participants
  • It has now been 10 years since the Alcohol-Free 28 Challenge was created by Maison Jean Lapointe 
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