Ensemble Montréal is concerned about air quality in the East

Together Montreal is concerned about air quality in the East

Factory and refinery chimneys in Montreal East.

The municipal opposition is concerned about the air quality in the east of the island and is asking that a study be expressly conducted on this subject.

It’s particularly the development of large-scale industrial projects, in addition to the increase in truck traffic, the passage of trains and congestion related to work on the tunnel and the highway, which leads Ensemble Montréal to fear a decrease air quality in the area.

“We must be proactive in terms of air quality to ensure that the development of the East as a whole is done in a sustainable way and without compromising the health of the population”, supports the city councilor of Tétreaultville, Julien Henault-Ratelle. He also emphasizes that the issue of air quality is the one on which citizens challenge him the most.

The opposition is therefore asking the City to build two permanent air quality sampling stations, in the areas of L’Assomption Sud–Longue-Pointe and in the south of Tétreaultville.

They also want a section of the annual report on air quality in Montreal to be devoted to the East and that an assessment of the impact on health of the development of the region be carried out by the Regional Health Department. (DRSP).

The City ensures that it is carrying out efforts to improve air quality. The administration recalls that it has worked jointly with the DRSP since 2018 and points out that the latter's latest report highlights significant progress in terms of air quality.

The Mayor of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Pierre Lessard-Blais, and Maisonneuve-Longue-Pointe district councilor Alian Hassan-Cournol, both of the mayor's party, have already commissioned a study on environmental nuisances in the Assomption Sud-Longue-Pointe sector. Point.

The results of the report were released last month and recommended several actions, including continuing to analyze air quality in the area.

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