Ensemble Montréal significantly reduces its debt

Ensemble Montréal reduced its debt considerably

The leader of Ensemble Montreal, Aref Salem.

Ensemble Montréal, the municipal political party forming the official opposition, has reduced its debt by $100,000, according to its 2022 financial statements. Valérie Plante's party, Projet Montréal, has raised a record number of donors for a non-election year.

“We are in a winning formula”, welcomes the leader of the opposition, Aref Salem. His party raised more than $128,000 in contributions and memberships in 2022 and he plans to raise even more this year.

In three fundraising events since the beginning of 2023, $75,000 has reportedly been raised by Ensemble Montreal. Still, the party still has over $381,000 to repay.

Mr. Salem judges that this enthusiasm comes from “the wear and tear of the administration, which is always in reaction rather than in action”. The provincial government's decision to hold a public inquiry into the fire in Old Montreal, as its party demanded, leads it to believe that Ensemble Montréal represents the public's opinion better than the mayor's party. .

Ensemble Montréal welcomed a new general manager, Jean-François Kacou, at the end of February. “He will make us shine and make the connection with the population according to an action plan that he will put in place”, affirms Aref Salem, who insists on the fact that it is about a “rare pearl” .

Record assessment for Valérie Plante

The mayor's party also has a good record for 2022 as it reached its fundraising record outside the election period.

Projet Montréal raised more than $184,000 in donations in 2022, more or less the equivalent of its record results in 2019. Compared to 2019, the number of donors has however, was largely exceeded in 2022: it reached 2043 last year, whereas it was 1483 three years earlier.

“After our re-election in 2021, the 2022 fiscal year demonstrates that our party is on solid ground and that Montrealers, from all parts of the city, continue to have confidence in our administration” , rejoiced Valérie Plante, who promises that this support will push her to “go further and make Montreal a greener and more pleasant city to live in”.

The detailed financial statements of all the parties for the year 2022 are accessible to the population on the Ville de Montréal website.

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