Ensemble Montréal slams the City for its recycling management

Ensemble Montréal flays the City for its management of recycling

Aref Salem, leader of Ensemble Montreal

“The environment is just a slogan” for the Plante administration , accuses the opposition to Montreal City Hall. The Ensemble Montréal party believes that the contract of Ricova, responsible for managing recycling at the Lachine sorting center, was terminated six months too late.

“Millions have been invested in recycling with no guarantee of success,” laments opposition leader Aref Salem. He fears that bales will end up at the landfill, due to a surplus. Projet Montréal is in solution mode, hoping that this process will be avoided.

Faced with this surplus of bundles, Ensemble Montréal also fears the risk of fire.

Things haven't been going well with the sorting centers for five years. Why are we waiting before acting, trying to find a solution?

Aref Salem, leader of Ensemble Montréal

Each month, the City of Montreal writes a new report on the management of the Lachine sorting center. But these recycling reports have not been made public, which Ensemble Montréal deplores.

Faced with the worst crisis that “the City has known in terms of recycling”, the opposition is asking for a special council meeting to be held during the week of September 26. The objective would be to explain the financial and environmental consequences of the termination of Ricova's contract. During the municipal council, Valérie Plante indicated that she had “no problem” with holding such a meeting.

Break in service avoided

Ricova was blacklisted by the City in June. This process makes it impossible to award a new contract to the company. Six months ago, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) sharply criticized the organization, asking the City to terminate its contracts with it.

However, the City had to wait to terminate the contracts in order to avoid service disruptions. “We acted diligently, assures Valérie Plante. We did not arrive with a solution on the corner of a table. If we had listened to Ensemble Montréal, we would have had a breakdown in service. But we wanted to do it right.”

If terminating the contract with Ricova was so simple, the Inspector General would have carried it out. She has the power, recalls the mayor of Verdun Marie-Andrée Mauger. “Things had to be done in the right order. What we did, believe me. We did not drag our feet, ”she defended.

The Société VIA will now manage recycling in Lachine.

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