.ES-Chapter 1 – Self: find the queen in itself

.ES-Chapitre 1- Soi: trouver la reine en soi

Members of the collective, The Queens, Eileen F. Savoy and Natalie Fontalvo, are the co-autrices of the room.”ES-Chapter 1-Self”, presented at the First Act.

January 21, 2020 4: 00


.ES-Chapter 1 – Self: find the queen in itself

.ES-Chapitre 1- Soi: trouver la reine en soi

Normand Provencher

The Sun


They are five young actresses at the dawn of their career. Five young women who have decided to delve deep into themselves in order to better understand the mechanisms underlying their fears, their vulnerabilities, their anger. From this reflection was born the room.”ES – Chapter 1 – Self,” where the quintet explores the relationship of women to power.

The title .ES means the rule of the agreement of words in the feminine plural. The first chapter is first turned to them, waiting for a hypothetical second, that we would like turned towards the other. “Before conquering a larger sphere, it was necessary to pass by the intimate and solve cases in the us,” says Noémie F. Savoie, met in a cafe in the rue Saint-Joseph, in the company of Natalie Fontalvo.

With their colleagues, Maude Boutin of St-Pierre, Rosalie Cournoyer and Marie-Ève Lussier, the two actresses formed a collective in Queens, a band of girls determined that exhibit starting Tuesday, the fruit of their cogitations on the boards of the First Act.

In this era #MeToo, while women’s speech is released, shaking the traditional foundations of relations between the sexes, the piece arrives at point named. The five autrices – they are based on the feminization of the word, not a neologism in their eyes – want to make in the greatest authenticity possible.

Between truth and fiction, the troupe takes the pretext stage of the development of a show on the theme of women and power to provoke reflection. The dissent will move to the mid-point in the creation process. The sharing of power in the respect of individualities is not an easy thing, will we learn.

.ES-Chapitre 1- Soi: trouver la reine en soi

Noémie F. Savoy and Natalie Fontalvo

Sun, Yan Doublet

Small inside

Natalie Fontalvo has laid the foundations of the collective, The Queens, in 2016. A discussion around a beer, in the company of his sister Eve-Marie Lussier has served as a spark plug. “I always thought that Marie-Eve was something incredible on stage. But the day she told me her fear of being offered only roles of young person first, it made a click in my head. How women like it, too huge, feel any smaller inside?”

“How is it that our male colleagues are doing things naturally, that they have confidence in them, that they are good at it, so that we are constantly doubting?”, adds Noémie F. Savoie, 33 years, holds a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and translation. “I dreamed of being an actress since my youth, it’s just that I was not allowed”. Doubt, him again…

Arrived in Quebec 15 years ago, from his native Colombia, Natalie Fontalvo rolled his hump in the national Assembly, as a counsellor, inter-parliamentary relations, before being admitted to the Conservatory of Quebec. Its political functions were of great value to better understand the relationship of women with power. “The way we educate girls, how the society welcomes the words of the women, all of this has to do with the power. No law is going to change that. The power, you have to go and find it inside of us.”

The men of the allies

In this way, the two actresses are embracing the philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir that one is not born a woman, but that we become it. “It teaches the boys to be brave and girls to be perfect. It is by toffe…”, gliding Natalie, a mother of a boy of 17 years.

Even if the collective, The Queen said resolutely feminist, there was never any question of putting the men aside. On the contrary, they want to be their allies in their quest for a new social dynamic. Three of them have been integrated into the design team.

“The play is not directed only to women. Plenty of men will find themselves in what we say,” says Noémie.

The room .ES – Chapter 1 – Self is presented in the First Act of 21 January to 8 February. A discussion with artists and a.e invited.e special.e will be held after the performance on 24 January.

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