Eurovision final: ranked 16th, La Zarra slips

Finale de l&rsquo ;Eurovision: ranked 16th, La Zarra slips

The participation of Montreal singer La Zarra in the grand final of Eurovision on Saturday in England did not go unnoticed.

The Quebec artist, who represented France and finished 16th in the standings, made a gesture – in reaction to the jury's verdict – who did not fail to react on social networks.

Some Internet users have interpreted it as the middle finger and called the demonstration “very borderline”. La Zarra saw it for her part “a gesture of disappointment which means whatever, which could be translated as so be it”, she justified herself in a story Instagram.

“No intention to shock or provoke. I apologize if this was misinterpreted,” she continued.

The singer expressed her pride in having represented the hexagon and “the entire Francophonie”, during the prestigious musical competition. She notably thanked her admirers for their support and praised the talent of the other artists present.

Sweden won this 67th edition of Eurovision, thanks to a performance by singer Loreen who interpreted her title Tattoo.

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