Evacuation at Montcalm school

Evacuation at Montcalm school

Students and staff are outside the school.

Share November 10, 2020 2:52 p.m. Updated at 3:33 p.m. Share Evacuation at Montcalm schoolEvacuation at Montcalm school

Andréanne Beaudry La TribuneEvacuation at Montcalm school

Tommy Brochu La Tribune Police officers from the Service de police de Sherbrooke (SPS) are currently at the Montcalm pavilion at Mitchell-Montcalm school to carry out checks after an alarming call.

“Information leads public authorities to assess certain things,” the SPS announced on its Facebook page shortly before 3 pm. “There would however be no danger for the students and the staff”, specifies the police force in its publication.

Students and school staff were evacuated a few minutes before afternoon recess.

“We heard a message on the intercom during our course to notify us of a bomb threat,” Félix Doyon testified to La Tribune .

The evacuation would have taken place peacefully.

More details to come.

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