Eve Côté hosting a new TV game

Eve Cô hosted a new game show  

Comedian and host Eve Côté will host More or less miserable, a new humorous game show, which will be broadcast this fall on Noovo.   

The one who hosted the last seasons of Roast Battle on Z and who is part of the morning gang at Rouge will take the reins of the show, which is an adaptation of the American show The Misery Index,itself based on the card game Sh*t Happens. 

Produced by KOTV, the game show features two teams, each made up of an audience member and a well-known personality, who must guess which note of misery has been attributed to different experiences from all over the world and ranked them on the misery scale.  

For example, which is worse, sending a naughty photo to your mother by mistake or being struck by lightning three times? 

These notes, between zero and one hundred, are assigned by experts in human behavior, who base their verdict on three criteria: the physical pain felt, the emotional shock and the long-term psychological impact.  < /p>

The winner, the one who submits the best predictions, will win a sum of money up to $3,000. Moreover, anyone wishing to play the game can register via the Noovo website. 

Remember that the one who was part of the humorous duo Les grandes crues has launched its first one-woman-show last February.  

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