“Everyone thought safe living in Christchurch”

Everyone “thought safe” in Christchurch, says a former resident of Gatineau established in recent years in the city of New Zealand hit by terrorist attacks that killed 49 in two mosques.

M aritza Jewitt left the Outaouais in 2013 to settle in New Zealand. It remains about 10 kilometers from the Masjid al Nour mosque in downtown Christchurch, where 41 people were shot dead by a 28-year-old Australian identified as a “right-wing extremist” By many media.

According to Agence France-Presse, New Zealand lists only about 50 murders a year.

“Everyone thought they were safe living in Christchurch,” Jewitt says. It’s a very multicultural city, but everyone feels at home and safe. It upsets our sense of security. ”

Mrs. Jewitt was leaving a class at the university – a few kilometers from the mosque – when she learned that an attack had just been perpetrated there.

“I started the car and there was news on national radio, they had just interviewed someone who had blood everywhere,” she told the law . […] It happened downtown, next to the hospital where I gave birth two and a half months ago. ”

The other attack occurred in a mosque in Linwood, a suburb east of Christchurch. Maritza Jewitt was able to confirm that relatives who live nearby are safe and sound.

The former resident of Gatineau respected the instructions of the authorities, who asked the public not to go out. “At the university, it was pretty quiet, but not long after, they locked schools, but I was back home.”

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