Ex-Cowboy Fringant Domlebo Says “No Thanks!” at the Grand Prize

Ex-Cowboy Fringant Domlebo says “no thank you!” at the Grand Prix

Dominique Lebeau, alias “Domlebo”, launched a petition Monday morning for the 2022 edition of the Grand Prix be the last. As part of the awareness campaign “Le Grand Prix: non merci!”, the petition has already collected nearly 200 signatures in a few hours.

“We just can't believe that in 2022, in the midst of the climate crisis, there are still events like the Canadian Grand Prix being presented,” the petition reads.

Musician and activist Dominique Lebeau and several organizations are demanding that the automotive event “no longer take place in Montreal, Quebec, or Canada”.

“For The Future Of Life On Earth”

“This big smoke show, this celebration of the combustion engine, of waste, of luxury, of excess, which brings with it its share of sex tourism; do we still want that, as a society, in Montreal, in Quebec, in Canada?” asks Domlebo in his press release.

For the environment and “for the future of life on Earth”, the artist invites citizens to take a stand against the holding of the event for the years to come. The petition recalls the tons of greenhouse gases that are generated by the races, but also by the air travel of athletes and the public. In addition to environmental issues, illegal activities involving, among other things, the sexual exploitation of minors are also denounced.

Among the organizations involved, we find Greenpeace, Mothers at the Front, Montreal Climate Coalition, The Planet is Invited to Parliament, Rivières Foundation, UNEplanète Eco-Citizen Movement, Ecosphere Fair, ENvironnement JEUnesse, ATSA – When the Art takes action, and Eau Secours.

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