Excellent start for the Canadian hopefuls at the Junior Championship

Excellent start of the Canadian's hopes for the Junior Championship

The captain of the Finnish team, Oliver Kapanen.

After picking up two assists in yesterday’s thumping 11-0 win over Austria, Swedish defender Adam Engström added to that with his first goal of the competition today. Meanwhile, Oliver Kapanen was named player of the match in Finland's 5-2 win over Slovakia. The Canadian’s Finnish hopeful picked up two points in the match, while Slovak Filip Mesar didn’t score.

For their part, the Canadian team will look to win their first match after suffering an outright loss to Czechia on December 26. Habs prospect Joshua Roy was scoreless in the game. Neither has American Lane Hutson.

Austrian Vincenz Rohrer has yet to play a match in the tournament due to illness.

Canada’s next game is Wednesday, December 28 against Germany. It will take place at 7:30 p.m. Atlantic Time.

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