Exchange major: David Glaude moves to Capitals in return of T. J. White

Échange majeur: David Glaude passe aux Capitales en retour de T.J. White

Patrick Scalabrini was very proud to be able to accommodate in the capital cities David Glaude, a baseballeur a native of the region of Québec, acquired from the Eagles of Trois-Rivières in the return of T. J. White.

November 26, 2019

Updated November 27, 2019 to 0h03


Exchange major: David Glaude moves to Capitals in return of T. J. White

Échange majeur: David Glaude passe aux Capitales en retour de T.J. White

Carl Tardif

The Sun


As he wished, David Glaude will continue his career at home. In the context of a major transaction with the Eagles of Trois-Rivières announced Tuesday morning, the Capitals of Québec have acquired the services of the second-order David Glaude in the back of the front-field, T. J. White, the player with the most popular at the Stadium Canac for the past two years.

At the end of the last season, Glaude had expressed his desire to return to play in his hometown, where he recently purchased a home. The discussions between the managers Patrick Scalabrini and T. J. Stanton, also colleagues in the sports program of the Gunners of Quebec, do not have dragged on.

“This is fun, I’m really happy. I had nothing against Three-Rivers, I just had the taste of playing for the team of my city, I was there in my career and my personal life. I bought myself a house, I have spent the last seven summers outside of Quebec, the timing was perfect to do it”, confessed the player of 25 years, who has spent part of the day at the Stadium Canac, where he work also for the Gunners in addition to further studies of Science in geomatics at Laval University.

Glaude has played the past three seasons with the Eagles, keeping an average of .290 with 13 tracks and 49 rbi in 2019, which earned him the title of mvp of the team this season. He had played a game as a rookie with the Capitals, in 2017, the year of their last championship in the League Can-Am.

“This is the exchange the most important thing that I have done since I am the manager of the Capitals. It comes when even exchange the two players most valuable to each team, last season. David was asked to play in Quebec, but in the end, it was nevertheless necessary that this is a fair transaction. I loved T. J. [White], who was our player of the most popular and the most regular for the past two years, but we couldn’t pass over the chance to acquire a player quebec impact,” explained the manager of the Capitals, Patrick Scalabrini about batting left-handed, which has also managed 22 doubles and stole 16 goals, in 2019.

White was named the outstanding player of the Capitals, 2019, and, even if he has played 58 matches, with an average of .274 with 10 circuits and 44 rbi.

“I was surprised that I exchange against T. J. White, I didn’t think I was worth that much. He is an excellent player. I thank the Eagles for all they have done for me, T. J. has given me the chance to play on a regular basis since three years, I have learned a lot from him, and coaches of the batting. I am really looking forward to the next season, the next six months will pass soon enough”, assured Glaude, a former player of the Diamonds of Quebec (LBJEQ), which has also evolved with the team from the university of Missouri Western State for three seasons from 2015 to 2017.

Three or four years of solid baseball

The Capitals and the Eagles have played their last season in the League and Can-Am last summer. In 2020, they will play in the League Frontier following the merger between the two leagues in independent baseball.

“T. J. always wants to play in the baseball affiliate and he is a little older than David, who is going to give us three or four years of solid baseball. It also leads us to the depth, as in our puzzle, it could play as a second-order or outfielder. In addition, we just go and get a player who always did very poorly in Capitals, David Glaude was the torturer of Karl Gélinas,” noted the Scalabrini laughing in speaking of the launcher, quebec Capitals.

On the side of the Eagles, it was felt that it was a good deal to one side or the other. “They are two good players, versatile defensive, and with good statistical offensive. A point of view baseball, it is giving, giving, and the human side, we are releasing a player who has contributed to our cause”, let know Stanton.

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