Exclusive Artopex workspaces for Devimco projects

Exclusive Artopex workspaces for Devimco projects

With its height-adjustable work table, Aeria allows you to work both standing and seated and is suitable for larger Devimco apartments or condos.

Share October 29, 2020 3:00 a.m. Updated at 4:40 a.m. Share Exclusive Artopex workspaces for Devimco projectsExclusive Artopex workspaces for Devimco projects

Marie-France Létourneau La Voix de l'Est Artopex has developed three exclusive workspaces for Devimco Immobilier, which will include them in its thousands of rental apartments and condos currently under construction or to come in the coming years.

This type of agreement is a first, for both the Granby office furniture manufacturer and Devimco. “A new market is opening up for us,” Artopex president Daniel Pelletier said on Wednesday.

“This is the first time we've done this for furniture,” also confirmed the president of Devimco Immobilier, Serge Goulet. It is a special product that we have developed together with Artopex to have something that fits perfectly into our units and that is functional in terms of space. We wanted a tailor-made product. ”

The pandemic – and the teleworking that it brought about – is at the origin of this agreement. “We think teleworking is a fundamental trend,” says Mr. Goulet. It is a phenomenon that will remain. ”

With this in mind, the partnership concluded with the Granby company is bound to continue over time, believes Serge Goulet.

It also aims to make up for the lack of a dedicated place to work, other than the kitchen table or the living room couch, while the trend is towards smaller living spaces, he says.

2000 units

Devimco Immobilier is currently working on a dozen projects, including Solar Uniquartier in Brossard, as well as Maestra, which plans to build two towers of nearly 60 floors in the entertainment district in Montreal. It “delivers” an average of 2,000 residential units per year, estimates Mr. Goulet.

Exclusive Artopex workspaces for Devimco projects

The Edmond offers a retractable work surface and storage space. PROVIDED

“We still have several thousand units in our boxes, as part of major projects not yet announced. We therefore have a fairly good volume in front of us, ”he notes.

“The volume we can get is interesting for us,” emphasizes Daniel Pelletier. At the same time, it responds to a new demand for buyers of condos or tenants of rental apartments. ”

This is also a logical follow-up to the new office collections for the home launched by Artopex last July, specifies the president of the company.

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Local design

Called Nook, Edmond and Aeria, the workspaces developed in just a few months by the two partners will thus be integrated into the development of Devimco's residential rental real estate projects, including the Nobel, Longueuil, Eolia and Alexander projects. They will also be offered as an option when purchasing units in several residential condominium projects.

Nook's compact wall unit will suit smaller living spaces, while Aeria, with its work table that adjusts to work both seated and standing, is designed for larger apartments or condos. The Edmond offers a retractable work surface and storage space.

Exclusive Artopex workspaces for Devimco projects

“A new market is opening up for us”, rejoices the president of Artopex, Daniel Pelletier. THE VOICE OF THE EAST ARCHIVES

The products are manufactured at the facilities on rue Vadnais in Granby, while the chairs and stools that accompany them are made at the plant that Artopex has in Sherbrooke, explains Daniel Pelletier.

The latter also recently announced the conclusion of another partnership, but this time for the achitectural walls market.

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