“Extraordinary loves”: passionate podcast on polyamory

« amours extraordinaires»: a passionate podcast on polyamory

Transistor Média and Radio-Canada OHdio are launching Les amours extraordinaires, a fictional podcast on polyamory in five episodes featuring starring Sophie Cadieux. Warmth and intimacy guaranteed.

Directed by Julien Morissette and written by Karina Pawilowksi, Les amours extraordinaires explores the theme of polyamory and marginalized romances, without clichés.< /p>

During the five five-minute episodes, we follow the story of Florence (Sophie Cadieux), a Montreal-based actress who returns to Gatineau in the heat of the heat to create a play there. There, she reconnects with her old social circle in her hometown.

New emotional ties will develop during her stay through the multiple romantic horizons of the group.

However, as Gabrielle Destroismaisons sings in her song Et Cetera: be careful, because fire is hot and dangerous.  

A choral podcast

To make the experience as authentic as possible, the production was inspired by a dozen anonymous testimonies on polyamory.

< p>And the ensemble of choral voices that embodies these stories is not without talent.

We even hear well-known voices like those of Sylvie Drapeau (Our Summers,< em> Les Invasions Barbares) or even Florence Blain Mbaye (Unité 9, L’Échappée).

The musical score signed by Ariane Moffatt will make everything even more captivating and immersive. Olé olé!

Listen now with a good glass of wine warm in bed.

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