Extras for the “Bébé symphonique” show

Additionals for the show “Bébé symphonique”

Symphonic baby

Faced with the popularity of the show Bébé symphonique, presented this spring at the Montreal Planetarium, Space for Life has announced extras for the fall next.

Designed for infants from 0 to 18 months and their parents, Bébé symphonique is an immersive musical experience projected on a 360-degree screen. Created to awaken the senses in a fun way and promote the development of toddlers, the performance which combines animation, images and music lasts 33 minutes.

“The reaction of infants and parents exceeded all our expectations. We wanted to offer them a moment of connection to the rhythm of symphonic music and images projected on the dome – transformed in a way into a soft setting. To see the joy on the faces of young and old, there is no doubt that the bet has been won,” rejoices Olivier Hernandez, director of the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan.

Bébé symphonique is presented as a double bill with Poussières d’stars, a discovery of the starry sky for the whole family. The additional ones will take place from September 6th. Tickets are free for children four and under.

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