F1: a deliberately disturbing advertisement on sexual exploitation

F1: a deliberately disturbing advertisement on sexual exploitation

As part of the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, the Government of Quebec and the CLES launched an advertisement against sexual exploitation sexual.

It's not even a secret anymore, the demand for sexual services explodes during F1. A major awareness campaign aimed at potential customers is being rolled out this year throughout the city and on social networks, reminding them that paying for sex is prohibited.

“Paying for sex is illegal in Canada”, clearly indicates this very “graphic” campaign, launched by the Government of Quebec, in collaboration with the Concertation des fights contre l'exploitationsexual (CLES).

One of the posters shows a man pulling silver bills out of the zipper of his pants. It's shocking, but the goal is to send a message to customers and tourists who take advantage of the holding of this popular event to offer themselves sexual services.

In interview with La Presse, the communications director of the YWCA of Montreal, Isabelle Gélinas, recalled that pimps often went to recruit sex workers in youth centres, even calling them “magnets for pimps”.< /p>

“Pimps will often fuel the fear of seeking help among women and girls trapped in the sex industry,” explains Jennie-Laure Sully, community organizer at CLES, in a press release . Through this campaign, we are also trying to send them the message that they have the right to get out of it and that they are not criminalized.”

Without customers, there can be no prostitution, pleads the CLES, which has been campaigning since 2005 for a world without any prostitution.

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