Fabien Cloutier announces a second “one-man-show”

Fabien Cloutier announces a second

The author, actor, columnist and director Fabien Cloutier seems to have been everywhere in recent years, multiplying artistic projects. One more will be added to his roster as he launches Delicate next winter, his second one-man-show.< /p>

His entry into the world of humorous stand-up had been very conclusive six years ago with the success of his show Assume. It is therefore not surprising that the artist embarks on this type of adventure a second time.

Fabien Cloutier wrote Délicat with his accomplices Julien Corriveau and Luc Boucher .

There “continues his meticulous observation of the banalities, pleasures and hassles of everyday life. Addressing “us” again, always with this vibrant outspokenness, he will notably address our consumer habits, our role as citizens, the challenges of self-sufficiency, the notion of comfort versus a better world, the guilt that is always waiting for us around the bend…”, can we read in the press release announcing the show.

The title Delicat, c It's also because there are almost no more subjects that aren't. No matter what we are talking about, there is almost always someone angry who tells us, and often not super delicately… Humor, public speaking in fact, is a fairly minefield. But despite what we may believe, it is still possible to say everything. Perhaps a little delicacy is enough…

Fabien Cloutier

The artist will be touring a large part of the province with this show.

Tickets are on sale right now.

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