Farts, brush, Vachon cakes: a first one-woman-show for Eve Côté

Pets, brush, Vachon cakes: a first one-woman-show for Eve Côté

Comedian Eve Coté.

Comedian Eve Côté was well known in the duo Les Grandes Crues. It is in her solo universe that she now transports us with her first show, Côté Ève. With her unique, saucy style, we cross her native Gaspésie, passing through her experience as a hockey player, her initiation to alcohol, the life of her father who delivered cakes Vachon, her celibacy and her nun >.

Because yes, his noune will be cheerfully discussed. Eve Côté specifies it from the outset, she is not Kate Middleton, but a daughter of the people who expresses herself freely. Many will be the allusions to farts, to poops, in a language far from being princely. A few times the comedian even asks the public “was that too vulgar”? Only he can answer it.

Joël Legendre signs here a refined staging. The only decorative elements weigh down the show a little, although we appreciate the singing and dancing transitions between the numbers.

Côté Ève, on tour across Quebec until March 16< /em>

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