Felix Leclerc and us

Félix Leclerc and us

More than thirty years after the departure of Félix Leclerc, Pierre Gince and Monique Giroux have gathered the testimonies of 40 people from all walks of life and from all eras: friends, family, and personalities known to the public. Why this need to learn more about the man and his work? Simply to pass it on and so that those who follow us continue to read and listen to Félix.

Songwriter-composer-performer, writer, host, screenwriter, director and actor: Félix Leclerc had all the strings to his bow. A pioneer of modern Quebec song, he created a musical style recognizable among all.

His shoes took him from Quebec to France, where he rubbed shoulders with Brel, Brassens and Devos.

Nearly 35 years after his death, this great poet is still very much alive in the hearts of several generations, here and elsewhere.

Félix Leclerc, 40 looks at the man and his work
296 pages, Éditions de l’Homme

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