Fewer big Valentine's Day gifts this year

Fewer big gifts on Valentine's Day this year

Inflation also has an impact on the feast of love.

Will inflation have an impact on Valentine's Day spending in Quebec this year? The results of a survey published today by HelloSafe, in which 613 Quebecers participated, reveals that yes!

In summary:

•    &nbsp ;       Quebecers' budget for Valentine's Day should average $58 this year, down 5.8% from 2022, while in 2020 the average spend was $93.

< p>•            This year, the number of Quebecers who plan to celebrate this event at the restaurant has tripled.

•            60% of Quebecers say they are affected by inflation this year for their Valentine’s Day purchases.

•             Faced with inflation, 82% of Quebecers think they are reducing their budget for this occasion.

See the complete results of this survey: https://hellosafe.ca/blogue/quebec-saint-valentin< /p>

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