Financial assistance for cultural presenters “well received” in Estrie

Financial assistance for cultural presenters

The financial assistance amounting to $ 50 million is particularly well received in Estrie.

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Sabrina Lavoie La Tribune The financial assistance in the amount of $ 50 million announced Friday by the provincial government is particularly “well received” by cultural presenters in the Eastern Townships. This news allows the Granada Theater and the Cultural Center of the University of Sherbrooke to look forward to the coming year in a more positive way.

Prime Minister François Legault and Minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy, explained, in a press briefing, that the government would pay theaters the equivalent of 75% of the ticket office revenues they made during the same period. last year to make up for some of the losses linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without having yet had the time to fully analyze the details of this recent announcement, the general manager of the Granada Theater, Suzanne-Marie Landry, admits to welcoming this news with “a lot of joy and gratitude”.

“We have not been in an easy situation since March. After six months of closure, we have worked very hard on our new programming and although all security measures are in place at the Theater, people are still getting the message to stay home. Even if several people offer us substantial help to be able to restart the machine, we are currently operating at a loss. All forms of assistance are obviously welcome, ”says Ms. Landry.

The Director General of the Cultural Center of the University of Sherbrooke, Mario Trépanier, is also very happy to hear this news. He adds that the rapid delay following the announcement of the closings of performance halls located in the red zone is particularly welcome.

“This shows that the government is listening and that it is sensitive to the reality of our community. […] These are important actions that will have repercussions on the entire cultural industry in the long term, ”he says.

The $ 50 million in financial assistance will be managed by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles. It would also be “excellent news” according to the two directors.

“The Conseil des arts et des lettres has a very solid structure that is well aware of the reality of the community. It is the body in Quebec that takes care of supporting the creation of artists and artisans as well as the work of producers and broadcasters. I think it was the best decision to make to get the money to its destination, ”concludes Mr. Trépanier.

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