Fire in Charlesbourg: agonizing night of Christmas

Incendie dans Charlesbourg: angoissante nuit de Noël

Doudou Camara, the owner of the building affected by a fire in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, was feared at one time that everything went to smoke. The man was treated for injuries to the hand gaiche.

December 25, 2019 9h58

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Fire in Charlesbourg: agonizing night of Christmas

Incendie dans Charlesbourg: angoissante nuit de Noël

Celine Fabriès

The Sun


A few hours after a fire that could have been dramatic, the owner of a building in Charlesbourg tells the story of his Christmas night agonizing with the evacuation of seven people, including his spouse with a disability.

Firefighters were called at 2: 22, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, for visible flames between the two doors at 388, 45th Street West, in a building built in 1950.

“The fire in my tenants in the half-basement. One of the tenants came knocking at my apartment to tell me that there was a fire in his dwelling,” says Doudou Camara.

Arriving in front of the apartment, Mr. Camara immediately notice where is gone the fire. “There was a table next to the entrance. There were flames above. I wanted to get it out, but a fireman who had arrived between the time I was reached there”, ” he says.

Wanting to intervene, Mr. Camara has burned three fingers of the left hand. Held at a distance by the emergency services, the man cares little of his injury : his wife, a woman of 63 years old in a wheelchair, was still in their apartment.

Firefighters and police officers stepped in for the out of the building. “I was very scared. I didn’t know what to do.”

To share the wife of Mr. Camara, all the residents had evacuated the building before firefighters arrived. Seven people have found refuge in a bus of the public transport Network of the Capital.

During this time, the firefighters controlled the flames using a spear. The fire was declared under control at 2h52. “I was anxious that everything would go to smoke and see them disappear all the memories,” says Mr. Camara.

The residents of the 390, the housing of Mr. Camara, have been able to return to their homes. Those 388 were conducted with relatives. They were able to return to their home in the day Wednesday.

Incendie dans Charlesbourg: angoissante nuit de Noël

The fire originated in the basement of the home of the 45th Street West.

The Sun, Erick Labbé

Difficult day

Instead of celebrating Christmas with his friends from France, Mr. Camara has spent the day making calls to make them come Qualinet and an electrician. He also had to call his insurance, but in this national holiday, it’s not easy to have someone.

“My day was not bad upside down. Qualinet has evacuated the water, the electrician has isolated the electrical panel. Firefighters and police officers were also there. The entrance door is broken as well as a window”, details there.

The office of the Commissioner of fire showed up on scene to investigate the cause and circumstances of the fire. According to Mr. Camara, its tenants are smokers. The cause has not been determined at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

The Service of fire protection of the City of Quebec (SPCIQ) has not been able to confirm whether the smoke alarms were functional or not.

The SPCIQ reminds the population that it is essential to have smoke alarms functional.

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