First thaw: Montrealers undress!

First warm-weather: Montrealers get undressed!

Connor, 21, pulled out his tank top for the first thaw.

Shorts, short sleeves, sweaters: Montrealers often take off a lot of layers with the first warm spells of March. As we recorded 12 degrees this Thursday, Métro wanted to know why.

The parks and streets around the Place-des-Arts metro were crowded this Thursday afternoon .

For his day of activities in the metropolis, Connor decided to wear only a top with spaghetti straps, joggers and a pink cap. An adorable summer look in the middle of March chosen when he saw the beautiful weather announced.

For the 21-year-old Montrealer, spring is a real liberation.

“When it finally gets warm, you have to store the heat because you only have 3 4 months away,” he says.

First warm-weather: Montrealers undress dress!

Some Montrealers took advantage of the first warm rays of the sun to undress, or at least to put their winter coats away./Josie Desmarais/Métro

Same thing for Goldjian, who came to eat a casserole of shakshouka with his friends, sitting between two banks of snow.

 Not a single trace of neither winter coats among his guests.

“I had diapers to begin with. We almost ate inside, and then we came out saying: it's unbearable. So we celebrate that the sun is finally here,” they explain.

First thaw: Montrealers get naked!

Montrealers took advantage of the first warm rays of the sun to undress, or at least to put away the winter coat. This is the case of Goldjian and his group of friends./Josie Desmarais/Metro

Her friend Chloé nods.

“In other countries, we hide from the sun,” she adds. Here, in Montreal, it's an activity.”

Seasonal hypotheses

Everyone has their explanation for justifying light clothing from the first thaw .

For Nicolas and Mélissa who were enjoying their frozen drinks, it’s a way of saying goodbye to the arid Quebec winters.

“We realize that winter doesn't last long, but it's fucking [sic] cold: from — 40 degrees to 15 degrees, it's a big difference,” says Nicolas, who was planning to go for a walk on Mount Royal and celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in the evening.

First warm-weather: Montrealers get naked!

Nicolas and Mélissa are taking advantage of the beautiful weather to quench their thirst/Josie Desmarais/Métro

“I will say the opposite: winter lasts too long. More than half the year. When she's gone, we enjoy our moments.

While for others like Jean, it’s only a matter of…circumstances.

“First, I had my jacket on before going out and then I saw that it was really too hot so I decided to take it off, he breathes. We are so good. »

The 77-year-old athlete is already dreaming of cycling and motorcycling this summer.

First warm-weather: Montrealers undress!

Jean, 77, decided to take off his jacket when he left his house for a walk./Josie Desmarais/Métro

“I train year round in a gym, but it's good news that it's hot,” he says.

Some do not uncover themselves with a thread… before April

We only saw two people in shorts there. They declined our requests for interviews.

It must also be said that most passers-by were still wearing the coat.

However, you don't need Félix Leclerc to see that Montreal was singing its freedom and its anthem to unconfined spring. Zipped or not!

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