Five easy-care indoor plants

Five easy-care houseplants ;maintenance

To add a touch of life to your home, why not decorate it with indoor plants? In addition, taking care of them could become a new Zen habit to integrate into your routine.

Metrospoke to Montreal Botanical Garden horticultural information officer Joshua Jarry to get his advice on indoor gardening. Here are five plants he says are well suited for novice gardeners.

Succulents and Cacti

“These plants, which are found in rather arid regions, are accustomed to hostile conditions. So they forgive us when we forget to water them a little. It is better for them to be a little too dry than too waterlogged.

They also need good light, so place them near a window. If the sunshine is less, it’s not too bad. Succulents, however, may wither and elongate as they seek light.”


“Anthurium has an inflorescence of red, white or pinkish flowers. It’s a very hardy plant. I've owned an anthurium for five or six years and it survived a trip from Abitibi to Montreal.

The anthurium requires good indirect light. It survives minor droughts well and requires little watering.”

The phalænopsis

“As a first ornamental plant more flashy a must have for beginners, I always recommend the phalænopsis. It’s an orchid grown for its colorful flowers.

The phalænopsis is not necessarily easy to maintain, but it is resistant. It can be placed on the edge of a window, but it survives well even in partial shade. It grows in moss.

Regarding its maintenance, it is given a bath every two weeks. To do this, we take it out of its pot. Once the roots have been watered, let them dry in a container to prevent them from molding. Once dry, put it back in its pot.”

The spathiphyllum

“The spatiphyllum has an appearance similar to the anthurium. Its inflorescences are white and are surrounded by long green leaves.

Spathiphyllum is quite easy to grow in an apartment. It tolerates low light, but it’s best left in good light. It doesn’t require a lot of water either.”

Spider Plant

“The spider plant is unquestionably the classic plant of all seasons. interior. It’s simple, it survives everything, even in less well-lit environments. Watering should be regular. To know when to water it, here is a little trick (which can be applied to other plants in its housing): you push your finger into the soil until you reach the first joint. If it’s dry, it’s time to water it.”

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