Five times we talked about abortion on Quebec TV

Five times we talked about abortion on Quebec TV

Geneviève Brouillette and Dominic Philie in a scene from “Rumeurs”

Abortion does not seem to be an easy subject to deal with for the creators of Quebec series (read our file on this subject here), but a few scenes have nonetheless marked memories over the years. Here are five selected by Métro.

Five times we talked about abortion on the Québécoise TV

The galley, by Renée-Claude Brazeau, is perhaps the series in Quebec that has dealt with abortion in the most uninhibited way.
Credit: Serge Gauvin/Courtoisie Unis TV

In < strong>Launch and count, on Radio-Canada, in 1989, Marie-France Gagnon (Valérie Valois), the wise teenage daughter of Marc Gagnon (Marc Messier), was living a romance that she thought was idyllic with a boy from her school, André (Marc-André Coallier), but was quickly dumped by the latter and then discovered with amazement that she was pregnant.  Determined not to say a word to her famous hockey dad, she confided in her stepmother Suzie (Marina Orsini) who, respecting her wish, accompanied her to have an abortion in secret. This important plot of the third season of Réjean Tremblay's series then gave rise to a sweet scene of tenderness between Suzie and Marie-France when the intervention had just ended… and caused yet another breakup between Marc and Suzie.   Also in Launch and count: New generation, in 2002, Pierre Lambert (Carl Marotte) played a little in the same film, while his daughter Jessica (Charli Arcouette) ran away to camouflage that she had also become pregnant of her current lover.  

In Emergency, on Radio-Canada, in 1997, a young woman played by Marie-Josée Croze entered the emergency room at the Cœur-de-Jésus hospital with a hemorrhage and was taken care of by the emergency physician Daniel Trudeau (Serge Postigo) after having attempted to abort herself…with a fork. The case had of course raised as much incomprehension and disgust as compassion among the characters of the series signed Fabienne Larouche and Réjean Tremblay. The patient would then be diagnosed with a mental health disorder, and end her life by breaking into an industrial clothes dryer at the hospital, unbeknownst to the staff.  

 Five times we talked about abortion on Quebec TV

A scene from Rumeurs, a series by Isabelle Langlois, with Lynda Johnson, Anne Dorval and Geneviève Brouillette. The latter played Hélène, who perfectly assumed her desire not to have children.
Courtesy Radio-Canada

In Rumorsat Radio-Canada, in 2007, under the pen of Isabelle Langlois, while her husband Jacques (Stéphane Archambault) and she were babysitting his nephew, and she had to help her best friend Esther (Lynda Johnson) to move , Hélène (Geneviève Brouillette) sneaked off to the abortion clinic to terminate a pregnancy that she had, until then, kept secret. It was finally accompanied by her boss, the formidable Madame Lauzon (Véronique LeFlaguais) , that Hélène was going to her appointment. In the waiting room, she was confused in justifications to explain her decision to her superior, who replied to her to assume her choice. “There comes a time in a woman's life when she has to behave like a man,” insisted Michèle Lauzon. The two women later left the clinic with emotional looks, but no further words were spoken. Jacques would then leave Hélène on learning of her betrayal. The series is available on ICI

Episode of Rumors  where the character of Hélène (Geneviève Brouillette) has an abortion, broadcast on Radio-Canada in 2007. Courtoisie YouTube.

It may be The galley, at Radio-Canada, in 2007, which approached abortion in the most uninhibited way. The author Renée-Claude Brazeau, at the very beginning of the series, had staged her character of Stéphanie (Hélène Florent), installed comfortably, inquiring whether she had the right to smoke and taking calls (she made believe that she was at a 5 to 7). It took viewers a few seconds to realize that Stephanie had both feet elevated at the time and was undergoing an abortion.  For a rare time, we were witnessing an abortion in real time at Quebec TV! Her friends Mimi (Brigitte Lafleur), Claude (Anne Casabonne) and Isa (Geneviève Rochette) then immediately held a conference call to decide on the question: “I think that Stef is getting still abort!”; “She has to take the pill, something, abortion cannot be a means of contraception!” Once the procedure was over, while her friends were stubborn about whether or not they should talk to Steph about it, she ignored the good care that a kind nurse was trying to give her and quickly escaped. from the medical establishment, in a hospital gown, to go and light a cigarette in her car… shaking and with tears in her eyes.  The series is available on ICI and rebroadcast on Unis TV.

The very first episode of La galère, where the character of Stéphanie (Hélène Florent) has an abortion, broadcast on Radio-Canada in 2007. Courtoisie YouTube.

In Les pays d'en haut, on Radio-Canada, in 2017, the author Gilles Desjardins had of course integrated abortion into his story of a historical point of view, her saga inspired by the writings of Claude-Henri Grignon having been set in the mid-1880s.  Délima Poudrier (Julie Le Breton) noted with horror that Rosa-Rose (Marie-Ève ​​Milot) hadn't 'bleed' a certain month, and provided his young protegee with a 'poison' that promised to 'make [her] baby go'…by making her swear never to breathe a word of it to anyone. “We could go to prison because of that,” pleaded Délima. Poor Rosa-Rose was vomiting her body when she ingested the mysterious elixir… but the fetus had not been eliminated for all that. It was finally a “small operation”, painful and traumatic, performed by a doctor from the city, who would deliver the frail young woman from what was shaping up to be a heavy burden.  The series is available on HERE

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