Fog and record temperatures for the new year

Fog and temp ;record erasures for the new year

The transition to the year 2023 will remain in the annals. The province records abnormally hot temperatures for the season, on this New Year's Eve. Several records have already been broken across Quebec. In Montreal, a maximum high record dating from 1965 was exceeded.

Result of this sudden rise in mercury: fog. It’s therefore under a thick fog that Quebecers will celebrate the start of the New Year.

“The fog that concerns us today forms when there is a mass of warm and humid air at altitude which invites itself to low altitude, where the air mass is more cold. As the air is saturated with water at altitude, when it approaches the ground, it finds itself at saturation and this water must condense, ”explains Météo Média.

For its part, Environment Canada invites road users to be extra vigilant when traveling. The fog, which will cover most of the southern sectors of the province, could compromise visibility on the main roads.

“We can expect dangerous road conditions due to reduced visibility at certain locations. Turn on your headlights when visibility is reduced and keep a safe distance between vehicles, ”recalls the federal agency.

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