“For there to be a beginning to your language”: family, I hate you

«Pour qu’il y ait un début à votre langue»: famille, je vous hais

Frederick (Frederick Lemay) with his grandfather (Richard Theriault) in a moving scene of the play “For there to be a beginning to your language.”

January 21, 2020 23h49


“For there to be a beginning to your language”: family, I hate you

«Pour qu’il y ait un début à votre langue»: famille, je vous hais

Normand Provencher

The Sun


CRITIQUE / response to the rise of injustice and inequality, now is the time for disobedience. “Antigone” was small on the boards. The last in the running, “For there to be a beginning to your language”, free adaptation of the words of Sylvain Trudel by the director, Steve Gagnon, launched Tuesday at the Periscope, is not a strong emotional charge of a youth in search of freedom.

On his hospital bed, which also acts as a shroud, Frederick (Frederick Lemay), waiting for death. He was only 26 years old. He no longer speaks to anyone, except his health care aide (Claudiane Ruelland). Silence is the ultimate act of resistance. He refuses to go to the beyond in the language useless from his parents.

The young man ignores his family members that scrolls turns : a mother filled with rage and sadness (Nathalie Mallette), a silent father (Daniel Parent), the love of his 16 years (Pascale Renaud-Hébert), a soul brother and blood (Jonathan Saint-Armand), his grand-mother addicted to shopping (Linda Laplante), a grand-father loving, but erased (Richard Theriault).

Ten years ago, the triangle formed by Frédéric with the woman of his heart, Odile, and her best friend of african origin, Wilson, broke in the face of their delusions of grandeur. He had to run away, far away in a land of exile to escape this suburban life that is planted in light-years of their ideals, with these houses that are too large with double garage, these IKEA became a symbol outrageous consumerism, this third link.

For Frederick and Wilson, “living in front of the Kilimanjaro, or in front of a Jean Coutu pharmacy, it is not the same thing…” Everything not to be trite, and not succumb to the mediocrity of the daily before a pork roast or a computer that strives to reset.


The eight characters are radical in their way of seeing the world, or rather their world. The poetry gross Gagnon became of the weapons of mass destruction. The words are hard, wrapped, on the occasion of sounds that amplify the drama and choral. The tirades of each, often overwhelming, demands admiration.

Deployed either side of the stage, the assistance can offer a refuge to a few characters that evolve in a scene in sobriety. The bed becomes a table for serving meals imagination. A stove serves both its utilitarian function, but also became an altar to a conclusion tragic.

The work of Steve Gagnon, even if dishevelled on the occasion, proves a powerful indictment against the conformism and preconceived ideas. The farewell letter of Frederick to his parents, in the final, perfectly sums up the message : “I oppose my wrath to your dreams quiet.”


For there to be a beginning to your language holds the poster to the Periscope until the 25th of January.

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