Foresta Lumina continues to reinvent itself

Foresta Lumina continue de se réinventer

COATICOOK – At the time of its creation in 2014, the nighttime tour Foresta Lumina has created a true shock wave in the tourism industry in quebec. At the dawn of its sixth season, the activity of which has been copied repeatedly to the four corners of the globe, but never equalled, always seduces the crowd thanks to the constant addition of elements designed to immerse its visitors in its magic.

After you have added four new areas to the original path, a reception area, a shuttle service and a premise in the centre of the city since its creation, the team behind the tourist activity night number one in the province has refined his route to the new season, which opened Friday.

“We changed all the hardware and the computer system, which is now operating to the optical fiber, so that the show can be more optimal,” says input game Caroline Sage, director general at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook. We changed the projectors and the speakers, which seems a lot when it scrolls on the course. It is more immersive than in the past. “

The team of Foresta Lumina has chosen to focus its efforts on improving the existing route instead of the change, which is sensible when you consider that 700,000 visitors have entered the enchanted forest in five years.

“I do not believe that we can lengthen the course,” continues Mrs. Wise. 2.5 km, for the common mortal, it is enough for a leisurely evening. We revampe so the areas that are already existing, particularly in the area of the thunders this year. It has taken projectors to put it to the taste of the day with equipment at the cutting edge of technology. I wanted to feel more of the rain and that one has the impression that nature takes over. “

“”I wanted to feel more of the rain and that one has the impression that nature takes over” ”

Caroline Sage, director general at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook


Marie Belzile, director at Moment Factory, which gave life to the experience of Foresta Lumina, was present for the opening of the route.

“It is always a pride to come to the launch of the season, the team that the project is simply amazing, she mentioned. It is here that the adventure of the luminas began before we bring it everywhere in the world. I did visit the course of celebrities as well as people who came from far and they have all been unanimous. The course is really magical. “

“In the new zone of the thunder, we immerse people in a dizzying ballet of lights, continues the director. The scene into a new territory of the Gorge and magnifies its wonderful forest. We hope that this scene is immersive and explosive will delight the habitues of Foresta Lumina and the new visitors. “

The fairies released

In addition, a new activity made its arrival this year at a tourist information office located directly at the entrance of Foresta Lumina. Visitors will have the chance to discover the mysterious world of the fairies in the world, who will reveal their secrets to the passage.

“We wanted to create an interactive world in which the visitor can become acquainted with the world of the fairies, says Steve Roy, the promoter of the project. It is fascinating and very fun for people of all ages. “

It is through different stations, including a touch screen, a giant, a world map and multi-media projections that visitors will discover the secrets of these creatures. The Marker Fairy will be available at a cost of$ 3.50 per family for 19 h 30 to 22 h in the evenings where Foresta Lumina will be in operation.

“This is a great activity to do in the meantime to walk the course. It was discovered with the arrival of Foresta Lumina that several colonies of fairies live here in the area, so we decided to make it an activity for people, ” says Julie Wise, development officer, the MRC of Coaticook. They will be able to discover their secrets with various activities, including a tale directed by Steve Roy. It is very funny and it is suitable for both children and adults. “

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