Fortnite at the Electronic Sports Olympics

Fortnite at the sports-olympics é electronics

Fortnite officially becomes an electronic sport discipline for the next Olympic Games.

The popular video game Fortnite, from the Epic Games company, will make its debut as a “discipline” at the next Electronic Sports Olympics, the finals of which will be held next June in Singapore. This game joins competitions such as Tic Tac Bow Archery, Chess, Tennis Clash Tennis em> and dance with Just Dance.

The shooting competition will feature the top 12 players selected from the Fortnite Champion Series. During the Olympics, cyberathletes will engage in a typical battle royale on a virtual island and will be evaluated by the International Shooting Sport Federation for shot accuracy.

Although the addition of < em>Fortnite delights fans of this video game, many others criticize this choice against other games such as Rocket League, Counter-Strike or Fortnite em>League of Legends, all games that regularly bring together hundreds of players and thousands of spectators at each competition.

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