Four new dogs inducted into the Quebec Animal Hall of Fame

Four new dogs inducted into the Quebec Pantheon of Animals

Hestia, a retired dog, has joined the Pantheon.

As part of the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Quebec Pantheon of Animals, the Association of Quebec Veterinarians in Small Animal Practice inducted four new dogs into the Pantheon on Friday.

Thus, Monty, Argon, Hestia and Tango join the forty-six dogs, six cats and two horses who have received this honor in the past. It all took place in a ceremony attended by more than 500 veterinarians and guests.

Monty is a five-year-old German shepherd who is a member of the Canine Unit of the Montreal Police Department ( SPVM). It helped locate a dangerous suspect during a risky operation where he was stabbed. His courage prevented serious injuries to the police. He was at the event with his handler, agent Patrick Desjardins.

Four new dogs inducted into the Quebec Pantheon of Animals

Quebec Association of Veterinary Physicians

Argon is the first rehabilitation dog of the Maison du Père foundation, dedicated to homeless people. Forming a team with André Leroux, Argon identifies vulnerable or sad people. His presence helps to calm crisis situations. He also serves on the métro intervention and consultation team, made up of a social worker, a police officer and an STM constable.

Four new dogs inducted ;s in the Panthéon Quécois des Animaux

Quebec Veterinary Physicians Association

Hestia is retired after a career as an accelerant detector dog, after a fire. She carried out 125 detection warrants in the company of Michel Richer. His work has made it possible to detect the causes of fires in order to prevent future ones.

Four new dogs inducted ;s in the Quebec Panthéon of Animals

Association of Veterinary Physicians of Quebec

Tango is the pet therapy dog ​​at the Quatre-Vents school in Bonaventure. It helps with concentration, socialization, reducing stress and anxiety for some high school students with learning challenges. He was inducted to his owner Annie Saucier-Bujold.

Four new dogs inducted into the Québecois Panthéon des Animaux

Quebec Association of Veterinary Physicians

A Ani-bon prize was also awarded to the Animo Foundation for Life, which helps low-income families pay for the veterinary care necessary for the survival of their pets.

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