François Legault is “proud” of his mandate

François Legault is “proud” of his mandate

François Legault

Adoption of Bill 96, access to housing, relations with First Nations: it’s in a turbulent context that Prime Minister François Legault made the balance sheet at the end of the parliamentary session, Friday. Returning to the theme of his party's last caucus, he said he was “proud” of his team and the results obtained during this mandate marked by two years of pandemic.

From this pandemic, the Prime Minister draws positive conclusions regarding the vaccination situation in Quebec and the excess mortality rate compared to the rest of the world.

He returned to the tragedy experienced by the CHSLDs in the early hours of the pandemic. He reiterated that he learned and continued to take responsibility in this file.

On the issue of the environment, the Prime Minister ranked his government as one of the most committed in the history of Quebec.

I persist and I sign […] that there is no government that has a better environmental record, in the fight against change climate change than the CAQ government. […] I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

François Legault

François Legault also described a positive record in terms of the green economy. He took as an example the development of the business of green batteries and the contract signed between the City of New York and Hydro-Québec.

“We made the largest call for tenders in wind power and renewable energy in the history of Quebec”, launched the Premier.

Wealth gap with Ontario or the “obsession” of Legault

The Prime Minister praised his economic record. He cited reducing the wealth gap with Ontario as one of his main “obsessions.” He was also pleased that the unemployment rate in Quebec remains the lowest on a pan-Canadian scale.

“This famous wealth gap between Quebec and Ontario has always been my obsession. It tires me, it removes a balance of power in Quebec,” said Premier Legault. “We have managed, for four years, to have better growth in wealth per capita than Ontario and the rest of Canada. […] It’s one of my greatest prides.

Score better than Ontario on economic growth, score better than Ontario ;Ontario on wages and score better on the unemployment rate for the four years, I think we can say “mission accomplished”.

François Legault

< p>François Legault, however, would have liked to see the file of family doctors go faster. According to him, the pandemic was not the time to negotiate with family doctors.

For their part, the opposition parties have not spared the results of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ). They castigated the Legault government for its electoral governance lacking in honesty and transparency.

No government announcement will be made from July 1st so that elected officials can prepare for the provincial elections.

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