François Legault promises a new check of $400 to $600

François Legault promises a new check of $400 to $600

After a first “cheque” sent this year with tax returns, Prime Minister François Legault promises a new check for nearly 6 million Quebecers. This is the 2nd of the 4 components of the “anti-inflation shield” promised by the Coalition avenir Québec.

“Next December, if the CAQ is elected, we will give an amount of $600 to all those who earn less than $50,000 a year,” promised Mr. Legault during a press briefing. Those whose income is between $50,000 and $100,000 would receive a check for $400.

The measure would cost the Government of Quebec $3.5M.

And the outgoing Prime Minister took the opportunity to criticize the measures proposed by the opposition to fight against inflation. “Some promise to remove taxes on certain products, others to reduce the price of gasoline. Others want to decide instead of Quebecers. We prefer to leave Quebecers free to choose what they should do with this money,” hammered the head of the CAQ.

A electoralist measure?

When the first check was announced last March, the Liberal Party of Quebec and Quebec Solidaire respectively qualified the CAQ budget as “electoralist” and “irresponsible”.

Asked about the “electoralist” nature of this campaign promise, François Legault retorted that he had a “duty to help Quebecers cope with the exceptional increase in the cost [of living]” that knows the country.

He also took the opportunity to respond to criticism from his opponents regarding the use of the Generations Fund to finance his tax cut. Québec solidaire, the Parti Québécois

More details to come.

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