François Legault shames

François Legault is ashamed

CHRONICLE – It was at RVM, Saturday noon, for the weekly radio meeting with friends Payne and Lapointe. The first asks, straight out, if the reaction to François Legault's invective at Pierre Arcand (“Yé pas mort, lui?”) Was, after all, disproportionate.

Good-natured, Lapointe admits to having found the joke quite funny, even if he recognizes the settler side of the affair. During his answer, a few heartbreaking images jostle in my head. A string, in fact, of the heartbreaking moments of our Prime Minister. The one who, today, wears the sneakers of the giants Lévesque, Bourassa, Parizeau, Bouchard and Landry.

So I had fun – so to speak – to draw up a short list of embarrassing quotes or events involving Legault with, as a watermark, the following question: can we imagine such behavior in these same predecessors?

  • During the 2014 election campaign, while Legault was accompanied by his spouse, she ventured to say “hello” to the journalists present. The candidate Legault rebuffs her as soon as: “No, it's not you who speaks.”
  • To a simple question from Infoman: “Who said that French Canadians were a people without history?”, Legault, yet a self-proclaimed great reader, stammers and refuses to answer. At the insistence of Jean-René Dufort, he stammers this: “Un… un… EVIL.” The right answer? The one we learn in Secondary 4: Lord Durham.
  • In front of the Conseil du patronat, Prime Minister Legault affirms: “Every time I return an immigrant who wins less than $56,000, I'm making my problem worse. […] It’s important that we tell each other the real things.”
  • In an interview with Le Devoir, Legault declares: “Currently, there are far too many immigrants in Quebec who are not qualified or who do not speak French. So, from the French, we would take more. As well as… Europeans.”
  • According to some opposition MNAs who confided in me, he told Sébastien Proulx, before the start of the session in the House: today you tell us that you are resigning, huh?»
  • During the swearing-in of his Council of Ministers, Legault, introducing Sonia LeBel, said to her: “You are going to the Treasury, my… treasure.”
  • To the defense of Maurice Duplessis last fall, he affirms that we owe to the latter “our National Assembly”. Erratum: not only has the Legislative Assembly existed since 1792, but it was renamed in 1968, after the death of Duplessis, and under Jean-Jacques Bertrand.
  • Still in this desire to rehabilitate Duplessis, he in turn proclaims himself the “head of the nation”.
    < li>Says a 2014 ad: “Couillard and Lisée in favor of the chador for teachers in our schools. Only the CAQ defends our values.”
  • During the 2018 campaign, discussing his promise to reduce the number of newcomers to Quebec, he proves unable to explain the basics of the rules relating to obtaining citizenship, confusing it and residence permed. He affirms the next day “to have done his homework”, and to have “read [on the subject] quite a lot all night” before going back to school… 24 hours later. Obviously on the defensive, he then proclaims: “Do Quebecers expect me to be a budding genius to answer how long it takes to obtain citizenship?”
  • In order to justify Bill 21, he claims: “90% of people agree with me on my Facebook page.”
  • On the same subject, the following pearl: “To avoid extremes, you have to give a little to the majority. […] We are delimiting the field, because there are somewhat racist people who would like there to be no religious signs anywhere, not even in the public square.”
  • Refusing the concept of systemic racism, however proven by the Viens report, those of the Commission des droits de la personne and the confessions of the SPVM and the RCMP, he goes so far as to reject the adoption of Joyce's Principle [Echaquan], which essentially stipulates the following: that all Quebecers, including Aboriginal people, have access to the same health care.
  • Viting his 3rd link project for the thousandth time, he asserts that the latter “would contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and would therefore be beneficial for the environment” .

Perfect, the predecessors of François Legault? Of course not. But let’s admit, without forcing, that we are currently witnessing a style of governance that is iconoclastic to say the least. It remains to see the judgment, in the end, reserved by History.

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