François Legault: wishes that make people react

François Legault: wishes that make people react

Prime Minister François Legault drew a barrage of criticism on Monday morning after posting a tweet that sparked strong reactions on the web.

The CAQ leader said on Twitter that “Catholicism has also engendered in us a culture of solidarity that sets us apart on a continental scale”. This is a quote from a column by Mathieu Bock-Côté published in the Journal de Montréal, which François Legault shared.

Some political voices, including that of Liberal MP and Official Opposition Education Critic Marwah Rizqy, rumbled to signal to the Prime Minister that he was deviating from his duty of neutrality “as a Prime Minister of all Quebecers in our secular State”.

Granting that everyone “tweets that we regret”, Marwah Rizqy went so far as to advise François Legault to withdraw his publication, “before it goes into a spin”.

Monsef Derraji, the Liberal MP for Nelligan, also responded to the Prime Minister's tweet . He accused him in particular of “lacking judgment”.

“A prime minister who supposedly advocates the secularism of the state,” he denounced.

Comedian Sugar Sammy also spoke and turned the controversial publication of the CAQ leader into a mockery: “secularism is important except once on Twitter”, he quipped.

In the comments section, many netizens have reacted negatively to François Legault's tweet. Faced with these accusations, the Prime Minister tried to defend himself, indicating, shortly before noon, that “we must distinguish between secularism and our heritage”.

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