François Legault’s already thinking about preparing his exit

François Legault pense déjà à préparer sa sortie

The prime minister of Québec, François Legault, is not seen, like many others, he said, as a career politician, obsessed by what he calls “the pleasure of power”.

December 15, 2019

Updated on December 16, 2019 to 0h17


François Legault’s already thinking about preparing his exit

Jocelyne Richer

The Canadian Press


SAN FRANCISCO — The intoxication of power has an expiration date of the prime minister François Legault, who is already beginning, despite a popularity rating at the zenith, to prepare his exit.

No question for him to seek to embed themselves by claiming a third or even a fourth term.

Whatever happens, before the end of a possible second term he will have left politics.

In an interview with The canadian Press, this week, in the margins of the mission that he led in California, Mr. Legault said he did not intend to deviate from its game plan : it will be on line by 2022 for a second term. And if he gets it, he plans to go in the second half of the mandate.

He seems reluctant to tackle this subject, thinking at the time when he will have to move the hand. “I see very well that at the end of the second term… it should be…” The sentence remains outstanding.

It is not, like so many others, he said, as a career politician, obsessed by what he calls “the pleasure of power”.

“I will not give names,” he says, about “people who make the policy for the policy. They are developing a taste for power, then it is to stay in power to stay in power”.

Not his style.

The duration and the number of mandates of no importance to him, he says, called to be motivated by only one thing in politics, a single goal : “Can we be better, be more proud to be Quebecers? It is this that motivates me, this is not the question of power.”

The old man 62-year-old had already announced his colors when he had made his big return to politics in 2011, stating : “today, I am clear, I do not wish, if I returned to politics as a career.” It was set over a 10 year horizon, which is nearing completion. Subsequently, he had mentioned the term to maturity of one term, then two terms.

Still, he might be described as a “business man” and an “entrepreneur”, in reference to the ten years spent in the management of Air Transat, her career has been devoted mainly to the policy since 1998.

In November 2011, he founded the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), a party created in his own image, custom made for him. It was said then that it was the “party of one man”.


Mr. Legault said today assured that his party will survive, that the replacement is there ready to take orders after his departure.

“I don’t have to worry. It makes me even happy to see that there is the feeder that grows,” he says, adding that we could even “begin to put names on of people who could possibly replace me”. But it will not identify the runner-up.

A “guy”result

The fact of renounce from the outset to multiply the mandates sheds light on his style of governance, based on performance, efficiency and research results in the short term. It seems to be on track in a real race against the watch, animated by a sense of urgency.

As he says himself, he is not the type of “talking to talk”, let’s say.

He governs in a hurry, or even say it in haste, as we have seen with the kerfuffle of the program of the quebec experience (PEQ), and badly put together. A sudden threat of special laws and’re yawning to force the passage of bills, things never go fast enough for him.

“I don’t have to worry. It makes me even happy to see that there is the feeder that grows ”

The premier of Quebec, François Legault

It is aware to put a lot of pressure on his ministers to deliver the goods, and quickly. They know that they are sitting on an ejection seat if they have been dragging their feet.

“Me, I’m a guy of results. I want to see results,” summarizes the first minister to justify his way of governing.

“Yes, it is, I put pressure and I am demanding with the ministers, but it is because I, I want to deliver, in the areas where they want to make changes.”

The ministers have filed lately their strategic plan with performance targets for each department.

“The first responsible for achieving these objectives, it is me,” said the prime minister, who claims to apply to itself the same requirements as to his cabinet.

He knows he has the obligation to “deliver the goods”, because the expectations of the population are high.

And it is well known that the moon of honey with it will not last forever.

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